About Us


Houses of Skye Lip Care is a cosmetics company that specializes in lip care products, and pride ourselves on using organic and top quality ingredients in our products .

The teenage CEO and Owner of Houses of Skye Lip Care discovered her love for lip balms and lip glosses at a young age, but as her love for lip care products grew, so did her awareness of the harsh and toxic chemicals that are used in the majority of mainstream beauty products. In an effort for our CEO/Owner to use safe and clean lip care products, as well as offer safer lip care alternatives to family and friends, Houses of Skye Lip Care was born.

Our mission is to provide luxury lip care products that are just as flattering, trendy, and luxurious as some of the biggest mainstream products; however, we strive to do so without compromising the health of our customers. Our goal is to not only create products that make our consumers look good on the outside, but to also make sure they feel good on the inside.