What is the shelf life of your products?

Lip Gloss: approximately 9-12 months

Lip Conditioner: approximately 12 months

Lip Oils: approximately 9-12 months

Lip Scrubs: approximately 6 months **please note that it is important not to introduce any water or bacteria into the lip scrub to achieve the longest shelf life possible. We recommend thoroughly washing and drying your hands prior to using the lip scrub. Once you scoop the desired amount of scrub out of the container, immediately replace the lid, to minimize risk of water and/or bacteria entering the scrub container.**

Overnight Lip Mask: approximately 9-12 months

Do you use coconut oil in your products?

We only use coconut oil in our Candy Cane Lip Gloss, Ice Princess Lip Gloss, and Antoinette Lip Gloss. Due to allergens to tree nuts being so prevalent, we do not use almond oil, or any other oil derived from tree nuts in our products.

**please refer to our Ingredient Cautions page if you have allergies/sensitivities to ingredients that may be used in our products.**


How do I contact you if I have a question/concern about my order?

Please contact us at HousesofSkyeLipCare@gmail.com for any questions or concerns that you may have, as it pertains to our products.