Ingredient Cautions

If you have a sensitivity or an allergy to any ingredient that is used in our products, including, but not limited to apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, avocado oil, turmeric, cacao powder, alkanet root powder, and/or matcha powder, please let us know when you place your order.

*Please note: We use various essential oils in our products and we reserve the right to begin use of, or discontinue use of a particular essential oil, at any time. The essential oils that are currently used in our products are listed, as follows:

Vanilla, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, and Clove.

Houses of Skye Lip Care is not liable for any allergic reaction that may result from using our products.

Please contact us via email at with any questions that you may have, regarding ingredients used in our products.

Thank you for your business!

Houses of Skye Lip Care